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Point. Volume. Mass.

A group of works originally conceived as an installation of literature in images at the Festivaletteratura 2020, then hosted as a solo exhibition at the Diocesan Museum “Francesco Gonzaga” in Mantua, before finally becoming a cultural manifesto for a more sustainable society. These are works of classical graphics, representing open scenes, each of which is dedicated to a social emergency and is in dialogue with European literature. The result is a dramaturgy distributed in space, like a great puzzle that compares Goethe’s “Weltliteratur” and contemporary society.

What is the role of physical space for our daily perception and what is the role of urban architecture for the maintenance of the social fabric? Here we experience the intersection between the Kandinsky’s reflections on form and emotion, the Humanism’s sense of measure and the effects of the gravitational field in everyday life.


Form and relashionship: Forms of relationship, relationship of forms

Links between objects, animals and people are established starting from the form of the individual, a form that determines the propensity for a particular type of interaction, even before the intervention of the logical or verbal part.

How does the type of relationship determine the dynamics of the specific pair of objects? And how does the overall movement become a mobile unit that designs the surrounding space?


The woman at the centre: Cardinal points for the social orientation in the Anthropocene

How can we physically represent, outside of metaphor, the much-desired change of attitude towards the world? In the most literal way possible, by changing pose and posture compared to classical iconography in mostly sculptural works, some of which are still being designed, dedicated to the figure of women and the forces of nature. Anachronistic stereotypes are reviewed and corrected, replaced by positive examples that reflect the values of a new society, which has emerged renewed from the pandemic, without the exploitation of fossil resources, both of which are the result of conduct that does not respect the planet.

The reworking of the myth, in which female personifications of the forces of nature often feature, is guided by current scientific knowledge and contextualized through environmental, energy and social emergencies. 


Beyond. Beside.

Can thought  live only in the space of the mind or does it continue to need real spaces to express itself and develop and overlap with other thoughts?

The frontier, the border, the limit can be perceived as a no-man’s land or as a land of both.

The essence of life in biology is played out in the membranes, the surfaces responsible for the exchanges between two systems.

The introductory note to the first issue of the almanac “Der Blaue Reiter” in 1912, which has since remained unpublished, read: “The entire work, called art, knows neither borders nor distinctions between peoples, but only humanity.

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Impressions of Portraits and Genre Paintings

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