Awards and publications

Winner of the Academic Significance Award

Poetry and Contemporary Art

silver burnished trophy Apollo Dionisiaco 2021

conferred by the Academy of Signification in training agreement with the Department of Philosophy of Rome 3,

the patronage of Roma Capitale and the Lazio Region,

the patronage of the Municipality of Canale Monterano and the Italian Cultural Institute of New York.


Honorable Mention

at the exhibition of Contemporary Art of London "Spiel allein" 2022

awarded from the international network Gallery NAT of American, British and Chinese critics, academic art historians and museum curators.


Art Book

Paradigmi di relazionalità sostanziale / Paradigms of substantive relationality


Ikonos publishing house, Bergamo, 2022

bilingual Italian and English version

English text written by Arts Editing (New Zealand)

86 color pages.


Artworks and thoughts which offer the opportunity for an artistic and historical journey behind the scenes of the relationship between technique, modern scientific method, freedom of thought and expression, press, information and digitization. Artistic experience is presented as an expression of existence itself.

A Copernican revolution of the point of view, now focused on relationships, which rediscovers the Shakespearean stuff of dreams and that collective unconscious substratum that unites beyond all differences and cultures. 

They are the seeds of an European humanism.

Criticism in Aesthetic semiotics

The artist refers to a repressed original condition, to a support of the existing continuum, to the configuration of a frank and transitional space, to the immemorial art of a reunion. It is an ethical journey of knowledge and recognition, along a dialectical path from shadow to light, to recreate a synthetic depth, which does not break the cohesion of meaning between things.

The artist thus starts again from the Shakespearean stuff of dreams, or rather from the collective unconscious substratum that unites beyond all differences and cultures, which mends the distinctions with the thread of a universal meaning.

Before any cognitive expression is the emotional dimension of synchrony, of harmony, of the symphony of an unconscious plural continuity of being, which precedes the conscious co-belonging of the identity distinction.

The eyes of rebirth for the artist are the eyes of a woman, invited by the artist to listen and respect the value of her psychophysical unity. The centrality for the artist is not identity but difference, in this Copernican revolution of the point of view the artist validates the relational dimension of the very substance of being, opening up to an ethical becoming truth.


-Prof. Fulvia Minetti

semiologist, art critic and psychotherapist


External references

German literature

contemporary philosophy

edited by Monika Schindlbeck

ArtTreasury 2023 - Collector's Annual

edited by ArtAscent - Canada

available on MagCloud

Bruxelles Art Vue Prize catalog - Winter 2023

edited by Bruxelles Art Vue Foundation - Belgium

available via MagCloud



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