Figurative art, dramaturgy, synthetic thinking

A poetic cycle through images.

Multiple interdisciplinary and intercultural paths.

A giant kaleidoscope to go through to reflect on the fragility and strengths of contemporary society.

"Little man, and now what?" - Aquatint and drypoint - limited edition of 30

Exhibition of sculpture

London -7-14 December 2022

Spiel Allein: London Contemporary Art Exhibition

curated by Gallery NAT 

Gallery 46, Whitechapel
46 Ashfield St
London E1 2AJ, UK

Spiel Allein will feature 26 artists from around the world and their recent works.
The exhibition reflects their experiments and explorations under the theme of personal perspective through contemporary art.

More details: What's on

Exhibition of photography

Rom -26 January-6 February 2023

Migrations and The Shifting Borders 

curated by LoosenArt

Millepiani Exhibition Space
Roma, IT

The current events that provoke mass migration, as shown by the war in Ukraine, or those involving millions of people driven by hunger or, as is also happening in more developed countries, driven by the search for working opportunities, well testify such a human behavior inherent in its own nature, a behavior that explicits the need and urgency of a universal recognition of a right which is still too often opposed today by a widespread cultural xenophobia.
Mobility, transition and structural collapse of barriers, these are perhaps some of the presuppositions that allow a contact, an exchange, an enrichment and an evolution of the human species.

More details are coming soon.
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