Figurative art, dramaturgy, synthetic thinking

A poetic cycle through images.

Multiple interdisciplinary and intercultural paths.

A giant kaleidoscope to go through to reflect on the fragility and strengths of contemporary society.

"Little man, and now what?" - Aquatint and drypoint - limited edition of 30

Exhibition of classical graphic

Turin - September 17-25, 2022

Hotel Adalesia in Via XX Settembre 7A - Turin
The exhibition will be dedicated to the nonprofit ONLUS volunteer association “LE TENERE PIUME” for the defense of childhood and specifically for disadvantaged children.
More details: What's on

Exhibition of painting and sculpture

Milan - 22-28 september 2022

Art & Fashion Week

PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery
C/O UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera Milano
More details: What's on
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